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ABOUT PaperQuirks

PaperQuirks is the brainchild of a paper company based out of Delhi. Having worked in the segment of stationery manufacturing for over fifteen years, we wanted to make things for those who love stationery like foodies love food. The love for stationery goes beyond a fancy diary and it is beyond the common things that we bring at PaperQuirks.  We are India’s first ever stationery subscription service started in 2020 constantly trying to cater to the stationery nerds. With every box, every month, we try to reach more and more stationery lovers around the country, providing exciting items in each box with equally exciting themes.

To take this journey further with you we have come up with the idea of introducing loose merchandise that includes art material, artisan products, innovative and distinct stationery products with the intention of bringing premium quality stationery trend in India so you get a plethora to choose from.

Still long way to go!!



With the PaperQuirks partner program, we want to work together with you to reach a greater mass and spread the love for stationery!

Our core values include a commitment to inclusivity, diversity, equality and representation. We welcome everyone into our team who has an innate love for stationery and fandoms and a determination to work diligently.

Choose your niche platform from the list below and we will get back to you on due time. We encourage you all to apply!