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In short, a dreamy box for all stationery lovers. With shades of blue,
black and white, we created a dream land for you all through stationery.


Here's a complete list of all that is inside the box:

1. Tapestry: One of the most exciting things we had planned for this box was this beautiful tapestry. With an exquisite starry design, the tapestry will alleviate the corner of your room real well.

2. Set of postcards with envelopes: Send your close and dear ones sealed letters with the help of our Postcard and envelope set. Each comes with stunning star filled design to quench your creative heart.

3. Wax Seal Stickers :  Another exciting merch in the box comes with this set of wax seal stickers. Perfect to use with your letters, to seal gifts or parcels, the wax stickers will add a layer of beauty to the overall package.

4. Pocket Log : Lastly, we have a wirebound pocket notebook to keep track of all your daily activities. Use it as a logbook or simple notebook to write, this pocket notebook is easy to carry along and comes with a beautiful 'halo' design.

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