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Get Going!

"Get Going"
Start the new year by making the right choices! We are bringing you a box to help you ease your beginnings and enjoy moving forward this new year.
1. Table Calendar: A new year can't start without the most important thing!! A simple calendar for the amazing year ahead. 
2. Hardback Notebook: Pretty little notebook to pen down your dreams and resolutions for the future.
3. Metal straw set: A set to carry around while travelling, as it reduces our carbon footprint, helping us make better choices for our environment!
4. Fountain pen: An adorable fountain pen, to scribble your thoughts down. Start a journal this year maybe? 😍
5. Paper bag: Another eco friendly choice to make this year!! A lovely bag to carry your important little items while out.
6. Washi tape: A cute addition to our box, something to decorate your notebooks, cards or journals with!

We want you to have the best New Year! So "Get Going" with PaperQuirks!!

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